Personal Assistants

Personal Assistants.

Edward McCarthy Support Services Personal Assistants can support you or your relative.

Our support work for is for adults with low level additional needs.

Our personal assistants are outgoing and committed people.

We support the adults to take part in every day life.

This includes social, leisure, sports activities during the day, night and at weekends.

We are committed to providing the very best support required in order to meet the needs of people using our services we achieves this by making sure staff are well trained and experienced to the specific needs of the people we support.

What will my support worker do?

We can help you take part in a range of social activities. For example, walks, pool, cinema visits, music, cooking and days out.

We can support you put in the community.

What will I have to pay?

Some people receive money so they can organise their own care/support. This may be called Direct Payments or Independent Living Fund. Your family/social worker can help you with this.

We will provide written details of the services we will provide to you, for instance how many hours of support per week, the days, etc.

At first, we would probably have taster “sessions” with 2 staff supporting you, so we get to know you.

If you agree with this we will prove you with a contract. Each month we will invoice you for the month.

Activity and travel costs are to be paid by you this will be discussed.

Our hourly rate is £13.38 and 40p per mile for mileage.

More Information.

Our staff will have much experience and appropriate training.

Our staff have been briefed on confidentiality, record keeping, handling money, keys, gifts etc.

Our staff are insured.

Get in touch.

If you receive direct payments  or have a budget get touch for further details and how it all works.

Tel 07971 299606